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Leszno is situated in the western part of Poland between two big cities – Poznań and Wrocław. The vicinity and accessibility of these cities are significant factors that should influence your decision in choosing a place for investment. National routes No. 5 and No. 12 run through Leszno; express way S-5 is under construction. Another asset of the investment sites in Leszno is their location in the town: in the suburbs but close to housing estates and other businesses. New investments are located in the the I.D.E.A. Investment Zone, which has direct access to national route No. 5 (Poznań – Wrocław). On completion of express way S-5 the Zone will be very close to two transport junctions – Leszno South and Dąbcze. The Leszno airfield is also suitable for aircrafts takeoff mass up to 5700 kg.

Map with zones of investment and the main roads

Detailed information concerning investment opportunities can be obtained at:
Leszno Town Office
Promotion and Development Department
Al. Jana Pawła II 21 a, 64-100 Leszno

Contact person:
Izabela Wojciechowska
tel. +48 65 529 54 02; +48 65 529 46 35

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