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Cooperation with Montluçon (France)

The contacts with the city of Montluçon began in 2000 on the economic level - representatives of both towns identified areas for future cooperation. In May 2002 the representatives of Montluçon took part in the conference in Leszno - "Sustainable development of towns in the Common Europe". Also a letter of intent between Leszno and Montluçon about common cooperation was signed. In the next year in October Leszno was present in the fairs in Montluçon, when Poland was a guest of honour in the international pavilion of the fairs. The beginning of 2004 was also marked with an economic accent - 40 students from Montluçon arrived in Leszno and a there was a series of presentations of French companies prepared for the representatives of the local economy of Leszno. In December 2004 a partnership agreement between Leszno and Montluçon was signed. Also a program of further cooperation was discussed and signed.

The person in the Municipality of Leszno in charge of the cooperation with Montluçon is Lucyna Gbiorczyk, Press Office, tel. +48 65 529 81 28, email:

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