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Cooperation with Deurne (The Netherlands)

In 1989 a cooperation agreement between Leszno and Deurne was signed. The agreement expressed the willingness to collaborate and specified the main areas of such collaboration in the following years. Partnership activities are greatly supported by two very active friendship associations: the Polish-Dutch Association Leszno-Deurne on the Polish side and the Circle of Friends Deurne-Leszno Association on the Dutch side.

The Town Council of Leszno (Resolution no. XLIV/330/94, dated 29.03.1994) granted the title of the "Honourable Citizen of Leszno" to Jan Duffhaus. Jan Duffhaus is the first holder of this title in the history of Leszno. The second title of the "Honourable Citizen of Leszno" was granted to the Mayor of Deurne, Johannes W. Smeets (Resolution of the Town Council no. XI/118/99, dated 27.05.1999). Thanks to the cooperation with Deurne Leszno was engaged in the NEWS project, which was realized together with Deurne and Batouri in Cameroon.

The person in the Municipality of Leszno in charge of the cooperation with Deurne is Magdalena Urbaniak, Department of Promotion and Development, tel. +48 65 529 46 45, email:

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