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Cooperation with Suhl (Germany)

The agreement about the partner cooperation between Leszno and Suhl was signed in 1984. It was the result of previous contacts of many companies of Leszno, schools, sports teams and youth groups, which had commenced in the 1970s.

During the changes in the political system and economy, so important for Leszno and the country, we shared our achievements and benefited from the experience of our German partners whose country experienced a democratization process similar to ours.

On the 15th anniversary of the signing of the town partnership agreement, the Town Council of Leszno (Resolution no. XI/119/99, dated 27th of May 1999) granted the "Merit Award of Leszno" to Suhl. Throughout all the years the cooperation has had various forms: culture and art, sports, cooperation of youth and several interests groups - philatelists, police, fire service, senior citizens, hotel owners, cooks, craftsmen, artists and others.

In May 2007 the agreement of continuation of the cooperation was signed.

The person in the Municipality of Leszno in charge of the cooperation with Suhl is Magdalena Urbaniak, Department of Promotion and Development, tel. +48 65 529 46 45, email:

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