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International cooperation

Cooperations with foreign countries

Leszno is an extraordinarily dynamic town not only in spheres connected directly with economy or culture but also in respect of international contacts. For over ten years we have been successfully cooperating with our German and Dutch friends from Suhl and Deurne. We also came into contact with other cities: Montluçon, Zweibrücken, St. Pölten, Batouri, Sisak and Stryj. The contacts which we maintain, and which we have managed to establish thanks to mutual understanding, go far beyond pure declarations of friendship. The cultural exchange, jointly implemented projects of social nature, sharing knowledge about solving particular problems concerning our societies are only a part of the cooperation continued for many years.

Leszno was awarded by the European Flag in 2003

The person in the Municipality of Leszno in charge of the cooperation with foreign countries is Magdalena Urbaniak, Department of Promotion and Development, tel. +48 65 529 81 23, email:

The crown of a certain phase of the international contacts was the granting of the Golden Stars award to Leszno by the European Commission which was presented to Mr Tomasz Malepszy, President of Leszno in Oulu, Finland.

In 2002 The Council of Europe granted the town the Diploma of Europe, and 2003 we received the European Flag. Leszno won both distinctions for the international cooperation and popularizing European thought.
The year 2009 proved the consequence and engagement: Leszno was honoured with European Plaque. This distinction is another step in applying for the prestigious "European Award".

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